Classic Star La’Moan & The Deltoids




Written & Performed
by Star La’Moan (Marla Stone Lyons)

Remaster Engineer: Kenny Schick

Graphic Designer: Sabiné Heusler-Schick

Remastered © copyright 2021
Marla Stone Lyons & Star La’Moan Music


1 Back Burner 2:22

2 Livin’ on the Edge 3:01

3 Only Got To (Anatomy Lesson) 4:26

4 Yo Yo 3:45

5 You Say 5:04

6 Funkin’ A  6:30 *

7 Back Burner (Reprise) 2:38


Original Engineers:
Scott Beall (The Works)
Rick Herns
Hershel Yatovitz
(Chris Isaak and Silvertone)

Star La’Moan
(Marla Stone Lyons)
Melody Price (The Works)
* Reggie Benn
* Doug Graham

Dave ‘Swampy’ Ryle (Dot 3)
Kenny Schick (Dot 3)
Steve Steinberg

Scott Beall (The Works)
Jeff Buenz (Jet Buick)
Hershel Yatovitz
(Chris Isaak and Silvertone)
Kenny Schick (Dot 3)

Rich Kuhns

Tom Bockhold
Mark Renner
(Dot 3)

Mike Freitas (Dot 3) 
Rick Herns

Backing Vocals:
Kalena and Sandra


In the 1970’s, I was living in Palo Alto, teaching creative, modern and jazz dance at Foothill College and writing songs.  I hung out with a plethora of musicians in the city where we all jammed or played gigs with one another.

During this renaissance, I entered a song writing contest at a Palo Alto restaurant, then called Chuck’s Cellar and won 5 hours of studio time at a local Studio with a state-of-the-art 16 track board! I made a sort of spoonerism of my name and Star La’Moan was Born!

I was bit by the recording bug and continued to record many more tunes.

The collaboration with all these musician/engineers was exquisite.

We went on to perform primarily at The Keystone, Palo Alto and “The Deltoids” became a revolving band with the musicians on this CD and then some.

These original tunes are a composite from the late ‘70s to early ‘80s featuring these incredible musicians and engineers. The bond we had then has endured throughout time, and is continuing to do so.

I am blessed and so grateful to have this opportunity to re-release these beginnings with my dear friends Kenny and Sabine; Kenny is the engineer and an original ”Deltoids” and Sabine is the very talented graphic designer.

* In memory of:
Reggie Benn – who sang contra bass in the chorus of Funkin’ A and
Doug Graham – who sang baritone in Funkin’ A. May their spirits continue to soar.


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