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Dear friends, family, colleagues and community of Star La’Moan aka Marla Stone Lyons

In September 2020, Marla was diagnosed with an aggressive and advanced form of ovarian cancer.  After the initial surgery, she moved to the Roseville area where her dear and generous friend, Bob, has graciously housed and helped her through months of intensive ongoing chemotherapy.  


Marla needs your help to get back on her feet after more than a year of cancer treatment that derailed her health, curtailed her careers as an educator and performer and has uprooted her from her community.

Housing costs are expensive everywhere in California. Marla needs an affordable and stable living situation and is currently unable to to earn a living.  She needs monetary support to cover the necessities of rent, food, utilities, insurance and out- of- pocket medical expenses.

We want to give Marla the best chance to live a quality life and she is grateful for your love, prayers, support and anything you can do to help.

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 to help pay for food, housing, utilities, insurance as well as excessive medical costs not covered by her insurance.  Every gift is deeply appreciated.  Thank you too, for sharing this fundraiser with your networks.

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