Outta The Kitchen Into The Streets Compilation

Star La’Moan & The Kitchenettes


Outta the Kitchen Into the Streets Compilation

1  Outta the Kitchen Into the Streets* (Marla Stone Lyons)

2  Everybody’s Boppin’ (Jon Hendricks)

3  Yes Sir That’s My Baby (Donaldson/Kahn)

4  None of my Jellyroll (Sweet Emma)

5  It Ain’t Right (Stuff Smith)

6  Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Traditional)


The Kitchenettes:

Ms. La’Moan (Marla Stone Lyons/ The Big Boss Ma’am): vocals, harmonica (3)

Scott Stobbe: guitar, banjo guitar (1-6), vocals (3)

Luis Ángel Rodriguez Tinaquero: dobro (4, 5,6), vocals

Michael Curry: bass (4,5,6) 

Anthony Crawley: trombone (4,5)

John ‘Tuba’ Thomas: trombone (6) tuba (6)

Patrice Wallace: upright bass (1,2,3)

Michael Strunk: drums (1, 2, 3)

Steve Wilson: trombone (1,2,3), vocals (2) 

Cesar Nunez: saxophone, clarinet (1,2,3)

Anne Stafford: bartone saxophone (1)

Tammi Brown: vocals chorus (1)

Kenny Schick – B3pMusic.com: engineer, mastering (4,5,6), saxophone (1), backup vocals (5), percussion (4,5,6), clarinet (4,6)

Peter Coleman: engineer (1,2,3)

Sabine Heusler-Schick: graphic design

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©copyright Marla Stone Lyons 2022*

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